Re-purposing Mid-winter Parade of Checks

- 11/7/2019


For a number of years the Department has had a "PARADE OF CHECKS” at our Mid-Winter conference to support the "Combs, Comedy, Bentfeld Hospice/Cancer Restricted Fund,” along with the Auxiliary Cancer Fund. Overall a highly successful event!
Today the Auxiliary Cancer Fund is self-supporting and no longer requires direct donations/contributions. The "Combs, Comedy, Bentfeld Hospice/Cancer Restricted Fund,” still remains as an option for Post/District donations. Nowadays, there are other important areas in the Department that need the same level of help and support the Parade of Check can provide!
Beginning Department Mid-Winter Conference January 2020, we are "re-purposing” the Parade of Checks to support Voice of Democracy (VOD) Fund and Veterans Service Fund (50/50 split). Your help will ensure Ohio maintains its premier Voice of Democracy program now and into the future and help retain highly experience Veterans Service Officers fighting daily for Veterans Benefits.
Department leadership, to include the auxiliary, support this change to the Parade of Checks and wants to get the word out now as many District/Posts start fund raising early for this event.
By order of
Dan P. Faulkner
State Commander