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As yesterday's defenders of freedom, we want to welcome today's military service members into our ranks to become part of our elite group.  Our common bond is the battlefield, whether it is service in the Persian Gulf, Korea, Kosovo, the war on terrorism or peace-keeping expeditionary campaigns. Your courage and sacrifice have made a difference in preserving and defending world peace.





 Sorry folks… the March 2020 Pancake breakfasts have been canceled. The safety & well-being of our community is our upmost priority. We appreciate your understanding.


 This was a great event... we will do it again in 2020








 Joyce Wheelock Martin (a recent CHS graduate) and the owner of Bernina Store and Sew Much more in Boardman OH donated this Red, White and Blue Quilt to VFW 9678. Raffle tickets are on sale at the Post.




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VFW Opposes VA Decision to Eliminate Accredited Veterans Service Officers 48-Hour Review Period for Claims; Demands Answers from Leadership

WASHINGTON - Veterans of Foreign Wars National Commander William "Doc" Schmitz called it "despicable" and "inconceivable" that Depart...

VFW Pays Tribute to the Service of Our Vietnam War Veterans

March 29 was officially designated National Vietnam War Veterans Day in 2017 as a way for Americans to honor and celebrate our Vietnam War veterans...



That the purpose of this Corporation shall be fraternal, patriotic, historical, charitable, and educational: to preserve and strengthen comradeship among its members; to assist worthy comrades; to perpetuate the memory and history of our dead; and to assist their widows and orphans; to maintain true allegiance to the Government of the United States of America, and fidelity to its Constitution and laws; to foster true patriotism; to maintain and extend the institutions of American freedom, and to preserve and defend the United States from all her enemies.

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If you ever, crewed, maintained, or flied in one of these… this site is for YOU!

Lockheed C-130 Hercules

Remember the Fallen
There were at least 259 C130 Hercules Crew Members who made the ultimate sacrifice flying in South East Asia from April 1965 until December 1972. They were lost on many different types of missions. Airlift, Tanker, Gunship, Blind Bat, Black Bird, Air America to name a few. 

Apr 24 1965 570475 Korat
Maj Theodore Loeschner
Capt Robert Butterfield
Capt Charles Dansby
SSgt Peter Coyman
SSgt Donnie Ezell
Sgt James Gray
Aug 24 1965 149802 Hong Kong-USMC
Sgt Gordon Blexrude
Cpl Jerry Gerry
Sep 18 1965 550038 Qui Nhon
Capt Fred Tice
SSgt Walter Tramel
Dec 20 1965 621843 Tuy Hoa
Capt Terry Katterhenry
1 LT Donald Smith
1 LT David Wax
TSgt William Crisp
A1C Willie Mitchell
Jan 06 1966 610972 Pleiku
Capt Richard Callanan
Capt Lee Dixon
1 LT Jon Greenley
SSgt James Lute
A2C Lowell White
Feb 01 1966 149809 N Viet Nam-USMC
Maj Richard Alm
1 LT Albert Prevost
GSgt Galen Humphrey
SSgt Donald Coates
SSgt Russell Luker
SSgt Peter Vlahakos
Mar 29 1966 610953 Pleiku
LCol Lee Tate
1 LT John Banks
A1C Ron Logan
Mar 31 1966 640511 North Viet Nam
Col Thomas Case
LCol Harold Zook
Maj William Edmondson
Maj Emmett McDonald
Capt Armon Shingledecker
CMS Bobby Alberton
SMS Elroy Harworth
SMS Phillip Stickney
Jun 16 1966 637785 Cam Ranh Bay-USN
LCmd Ralph Cobbs
LtJG Edward Romig
LtJG Donald Seigworth
LtJG Clement Stevenson
ADR2 Stanley Freng
ADJ2 Curtis Collette
YN2 Jack Dempsey
AN M.J. Savoy
Sep 06 1966 637878 Taiwan
Capt William Shinn
1 LT John Bechacek
1 LT David Scovill
A1C Wilber Adkisson
A1C Lucious Lunnie
Oct 02 1966 621840 S of Cam Ranh
Capt James Graff
Capt Jerome Smith
1 LT David Thorpe
SSgt Raymond Wheeler
A1C Billy Clayton
Apr 16 1967 580722 Bao Loc
SSgt David Glover
SSgt Donald Kannel
A1C David Chaney
Jun 09 1967 580737 South Viet Nam
Capt Jerome Starkweather
Capt Rafael Rivera-Balaquer
Capt Richard Podwell
SSgt Ricky Herndon
SSgt Ira Scott
SSgt William Tyree
Oct 08 1967 612649 Hue
LCol Christopher Braybrooke
Maj Robert Anderson
Capt Scott Burkett
A1C Terry Rehm
A2C Ronald Ruyf
Oct 15 1967 640548 Khe Sanh
Capt Erle Bjorke
1 LT James Hottenroth
TSgt Edward Mosley
A1C Lawrence Berneski
A2C John Snyder
Sgt Charles Baney (US Army-LM)
Dec 29 1967 640547 North Viet Nam
Maj Charles Claxton
Maj Donald Fisher
Capt Edwin Osborne
Capt Frank Parker
Capt Gerald Van Buren
Capt Gordon Wenaas
TSgt Jack McCrary
SSgt Gean Clapper
SSgt Wayne Eckley
A1C Edward Darcy
A1C James Williams
Feb 10 1968 149813 Khe Sanh-USMC
MSG John D’Adamo
LCpl David Devik
LCpl Jerry Ferren
Apr 26 1968 600298 A Loui
Maj Lilburn Stow
Maj John McDaniel
Capt James McKinstry
TSgt Russel Fyan
SSgt Beryl Blaylock
Sgt Daniel O’Connor
Sgt Larry Todd
A1C Kenneth Johnson
May 12 1968 600297 Kham Duc
Maj Bernard Bucher
Maj John McElroy
1 LT Stephen Moreland
SSgt Frank Helper
A1C George Long
May 22 1968 560477 Laos
Col William Mason
LCol Jerry Chambers
Maj William McPhail
Maj Thomas Mitchell
CMS Calvin Glover
CMS Thomas Knebel
CMS Melvin Rash
SMS John Adam
SMS Gary Pate
Sept 06 1968 621785 Bao Loc
Maj Eugene Hartman
Capt David Risher
Capt Leonard Selaniko
TSgt Ralph Lund
Sgt Jesus Ochoa
Mar 08 1969 640545 Taiwan
Col Ralph Cone
LCol Paul Garrett
Maj William Griffin
Maj Warren Long
Maj Raymond Tacke
MSgt William Terry
TSgt John Israel
SSgt Barry Murtaugh
SSgt Gordon Wheeler
SSgt Robert Wilson
Sgt Alan Martin
Sgt Eugene Pizzino
May 18 1969 149814 South China Sea-USMC
Maj Jimmy Sells
Maj John Williamson
MGYS Carroll Hersey
MSgt Edmond Polenski
Sgt Robert Bonebright
Cpl James Cox
May 24 1969 541629 Ubon
SSgt Cecil Taylor
SSgt Jackie Troglen
Jun 25 1969 610965 Katum
LCol Jean Kearby
Maj Bill Condit
Capt Gary Brunner
1 LT Terry Reed
SSgt Billy McDonald
SSgt George Peters
Oct 06 1969 580718 S Viet Nam
Maj Robert Hayes
Capt Bruce Cardy
1 LT Wendell Curry
SSgt Isaac Corbett
SSgt Norman Sweat
Nov 17 1969 621854 Quan Loi
A1C Norman Thomas
Nov 24 1969 560533 Laos
LCol Richard Ganley
Maj Michael Balamonti
Capt Earl Brown
Capt Peter Matthes
CMS Charles Fellenz
CMS Larry Grewell
SMS Rexford Dewispelaere
SMS Donald Wright
Dec 15 1969 621800 Taiwan
Capt John Vogt
Capt Fowler Johnston
Capt George Martelle
1 LT Kenneth Hibbetts
1 LT Robert Cioffi
SSgt Robert Gray
SSgt Robert Davis
A1C Donald Seamon
Apr 10 1970 560510 Laos-Air America
K Cochrane
G Delong
B Hester
R McKean
H Rogers
M Smart
Apr 10 1970 560516 Okinawa 
Capt William Little
Capt Ronald Dryden
Capt William London
1 LT William Pinard
TSgt Billy Edmond
TSgt Golden Mosley
SSgt Argie Jones
A1C Walter Hailend
Apr 21 1970 541625 Laos
LCol Charlie Davis
LCol Charles Rowley
Maj William Brooks
Maj Donald Fisher
1 LT John Towle
MSgt Robert Ireland
SSgt Thomas Adachi
SSgt Stephen Harris
SSgt Ronnie Hensley
Amn Donald Lint
Oct 02 1970 640536 Taiwan
Maj Irwin Mayer
Maj Ronald Stelter
1 LT Richard Thomas
SSgt Bernard Ehle
A1C Frank Wilson
A1C Walter Bosnick
Mar 28 1972 550044 Laos
Maj Irving Ramsower
Maj Harry Brauner
Maj Howard Stephenson
Capt Curtis Miller
Capt Barclay Young
Capt Richard Castillo
Capt Richard Halpin
1 LT Charles Wanzel
SSgt Merlyn Paulson
SSgt Edwin Pearce
SSgt Edward Smith
SSgt James Caniford
A1C William Todd
A1C Robert Simmons
Apr 17 1972 ?????? An Loc
TSgt Jon Sanders
Apr 25 1972 640508 An Loc
Maj Harry Amesbury
Capt Kurt Weisman
1 LT Richard Russell
TSgt Richard Dunn
TSgt Donald Hoskins
SSgt Calvin Cooke
May 03 1972 621797 An Loc
Capt Alexander McIver
Capt Donald Unger
1 LT Thomas Widerquist
SSgt Lester Bracey
SSgt Joseph Hopper
SSgt Freddie Slater
May 17 1972 637798 Kontum
Capt John Adams
Capt Richard Hagman
1 LT Clarence Lewis
TSgt David Wagner
Jun 05 1972 621805 Makung
Maj Delbert Lockwood
Capt Roger Olson
Capt Donald Zartner
1 LT John Boehringer
SSgt Raymond Lewis
Sgt Walter Warner
Jun 18 1972 550043 A Shau Valley
Maj Gerald Ayres
Maj Robert Harrison
Capt Robert Wilson
Capt Mark Danielson
1 LT Paul Gilbert
SMS Jacob Mercer
TSgt Richard Cole
SSgt Donald Klinke
SSgt Richard Nyhof
SSgt Larry Newman
Sgt Leon Hunt
Sgt Larry Lehrke
Aug 12 1972 621853 Soc Trang
Maj James Fulk
Maj Jerry Vance
Capt Terry Kohler
Capt Merrill Masin
Capt Charles Roberts
Capt Timmie Ward
MSgt Ray Tannehill
Dec 21 1972 560490 Laos
Maj Paul Meder
Maj Francis Walsh
Capt Joel Birch
Capt Delmar Dickens
Capt Thomas Hart
Capt Stanley Kroboth
Capt Harry Lagerwall
Capt Robert Liles
2 LT George McDonald
TSgt James Fuller
TSgt John Winningham
Sgt Robert Elliott
A1C Charles Fenter
A1C Rollie Reaid